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Sour Cherry Chocolate

Blend of caraibe chocolate with Montefeltro sour cherry ...

2,80 €

Sechuan Pepper Chocolate

Sechuan flavoured blend of manjari, caraibe and equatorial ...

2,80 €

Pistachio Chocolate

Blend of caraibe and manjari chocolate with 100% Sicilia ...

2,80 €

Orange Chocolate

Blend of manjari, caraibe and araguani chocolate with ...

2,80 €

Milk Chocolate

Jivara milk flavoured chocolate. Not less than 40% cocoa.

2,80 €

Green Tea Chocolate

Green tea flavoured blend of caraibe and equatorial ...

2,80 €

Dark Chocolate

Blend of manjari, guanaja, caraibe and araguani chocolate. ...

2,80 €

Bacchus and Tobacco Chocolate

Tobacco and rum flavoured blend of caraibe and manjari ...

2,80 €

Artisan Nut Chocolate

Dark, gianduja chocolate with full PGI gentile Piemonte ...

15,00 €

Pieces of advice

The typical "SNAP" sound, sign of a good tempering, is to be heard when breaking the tablet.

The chocolate is to look glossy and shiny.

White streaks due to the spontaneous rising of cocoa butter do not compromise the quality of the chocolate.

Once a bite is taken, the chocolate should not be chewed for at least 7/8 seconds, so as to enable it to reach 28° C, melt and release all its flavour.

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