High-quality materials

High-quality materials

With the experience gained in 60 years of business and a constant pursuit of absolute quality , we were able to choose , ranging from the Langhe to Sicily, the best of noble raw materials.

The Tonda Gentile hazelnut Trilobata , the only Hazel PGI ( protected geographical indication) .

The Bronte Pistachio , grows on the slopes of Etna , and in no other part of Europe with a limited production that justifies the quality and high price.

The Almond Pizzuta of Avola in Sicily.

Among the many varieties of cocoa , we have selected a blend of Caribbean origin .

For a good ice cream is a small amount of essential fats , we always , DO NOT use the cheap hydrogenated vegetable fats , but only fresh cream.

We advise you to carefully read the ingredients on the label confectionery products that you buy and you will see that almost all report the presence of this vegetable fats because they cost 10 times less fat noble as the cream or butter, to the detriment of quality and authenticity.

Whole milk only high quality , and in some special flavors we use the Organic Whole Milk .

The fresh pasteurized egg yolk , from the best local farms .

The coffee is made with Illy Espresso .

For the ice cream or fruit sorbets our care is to use purified water and filtered .

The nougat d'Alba is one of the best nougat Piedmont .

Organic Fresh Fruits source when the season allows it comes directly from selected local producers.

Walnuts of Sorrento.

The Frosted Brown of the famous company Cuneo Agrimontana .

The juicy Amarena Fabbri company 's history .

The Sour Montefeltro Agricultural Company Mauri Maurice.

A guarantee of noble materials listed , we are at your disposal to make you touch everything with hands.

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